I live with my familiy, housband and two children, now grown up, in a small town on 4 rivers, 50 km from Zagreb, called Karlovac. Whole my life I have been souraunded with dogs, shareing nice and maybe some not so good moments of my life. I was born, I live and I shall die in the company of these beautiful and unselfish creatures.

Kennel ˝ Domenika Coppa Florio˝ was verified in 1998 under official number F.C.I. 65/98.

Our first Shih-tzu , unfortunately today late, was black and white female Gina Diamond-Lux, born on 10.01.1990., she was import from Budapest (Hungary), because in that time there was no breeding of Shih-tzu in Croatia.
For further breeding in our kennel stays daughter of Gina Diamond-Lux , mated with dog from Sisak CH.Kilim Šangrila, gold-withe Pegy-sue born on the 23.06.1994. Pegy gave during her breeding life three litters.
In our family stays also, very beautiful by exterior and still more beutiful by nature, gray-white female CH.Alda, born on 09.10.1996. in combination Pegy-su and Multi Ch.Bongo (today also late) from kennel ˝Pia-Bardo˝. She gave during her breeding life four very quality litters.

Up 2005. we were breeding only shih-tzu, and since 2005. we started to breed German spitz small, orange and black color.
On a wish from my daughter in 2008. we obtain our first female   Chinese crested dog, our puffy Dellmon.

Each litter is expected with undescribably joy which fills our lives. Our motto is to bring healthy individuals into the world  as similar to the ideal breed standards, to the satisfaction of lifelong companionship with their future owners, as well as ourselves.